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"Justin teaches my 10 year old twins music lessons.  He has a very special way of connecting with the kids and drawing a love of music out of them.  He has the heart of a teacher, and a kind approach.  We are tremendously grateful for his positive influence on our children, and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great musical experience." - Aaron K

"Justin in an inspiring piano teacher! Justin has taught piano to our 12 year old daughter for the last few years.  Justin is a stellar musician himself and his enthusiasm for music is infectious.  He has taught our daughter blues, jazz, classical, as well as current music.  Justin really individualizes his instruction to the student's interests.  He discovered that our daughter enjoys playing accompaniments to Top 40 music.  He has built up her confidence in singing along while playing these accompaniments.  Justin is kind, encouraging, full or joy, and extremely talented.  Our daughter smiles through

every lesson with Justin!" - Laurie R

"About 7 years later, and we're still with Teacher Justin.  Justin's background in jazz has been such a bonus in our son's learning.  The music repertoire gained over the years has brought a lot of joy to friends and family because of the wide range of music he has been exposed to.  Justin continues to challenge/encourage his students to create with the tools and knowledge he's taught his students.  The interest and guidance to build up and enhance the skill from the right teacher is what makes a difference in one's learning.  Consistent practice and guidance in developing our son's piano skills has helped him discover and take ownership of a skill and joy for music that he can share and cherish for the rest of his life.  While an instructor is important, the student does all the work to gain the successful outcome. Raw skill is helpful, but it really doesn't determine the eventual, successful outcome - the consistent, proper practice does. The secret formula to a music skill for life: (practice + consistency + interest) x instructor = music skill (and proficiency) to cherish for life. It is because of Justin's mentorship that our son explores songs/tunes he's interested in and experiments with new piano arrangements from the music he enjoys.  Our son recently participated in a piano recital and came prepared to play a song he discovered in listening to the 80's genre from Pandora. THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR PASSION FOR MUSIC.  I honestly think the traditional way to learning piano would have bored him out of music before ever getting to the "fun stuff."  Keep up the great work in what you're doing for all your students, Teacher Justin!  You're doing a great deed for the lives of all the students you interact with and the community/future in the bigger picture." - Kelvin K

"Last year, our son decided that he wanted to learn to play piano. We were hoping that he would take up an interest in music so we were excited to get him started. To our good fortune, we received a referral for Justin. Over the past year, Justin has done an excellent job of making the process of learning to play the saxophone, and music in general, fun. He has taken the time to find out what type of music our son is interested in and has tailored the lessons to keep the playing fresh and fun. Justin is really personable, and always checks in to see how our son's day is going. He has even gone as far as to write a letter of recommendation for our son when he was applying to be part of the school student council. We are really happy with our experience with Justin. We are sure you will, too." - Ariel R



"Justin is the best! Nicholas and Adrian not only learned piano, but even more, Justin makes it fun and easy to learn.  He teaches a variety of music -- jazz, classical, new, and just about any song my kids want to learn. My kids (me too!) love it when Justin brings his other instruments (flute, clarinet, sax, guitar, ukulele etc..).  and accompanies the kids.  He also encourages them to be creative with compositions. My boys are imbued with lifelong love and appreciation for music, thanks to Justin!" - Karen S

"As an adult with no previous music background, I started taking piano lessons from Justin a few months ago. Justin keeps me motivated by making our lessons informative, fun, and challenging. I have learned a ton in just a short time. He combines instruction and theory and answers questions, all while keeping on track with the material. He is the most patient and positive instructor on the face of the planet!" - Lorraine W

"Justin is a wonderful teacher!  Our daughter (7 years old) wanted to learn piano and we went to Justin.  He is very patient and gentle with her, and sincerely seems to enjoy working with children.  He has control of the class without being stern, and our daughter has done extremely well and developed a strong desire to learn.   He was wonderful when she created her own song book and was receptive when she wanted to learn to play "Firework", which was not on the original song list. Justin is wonderful!  Our daughther has thrived in his class and he is very patient.  He encourages creativity and is very good with kids." - Marie P

"Justin Janer has been giving private music lessons to both of my children, ages 11 and 9-1/2, for over a year and the results have been excellent: both kids are in advanced band classes at school and enjoy playing music.  Justin has a great personality for working with children and is very patient, instructive, and motivates my kids to push themselves.  We are extremely satisfied and hope to continue lessons with Justin for years to come." - Earle N

"Justin is awesome! My 11 year old son and 10 year old daughter have used Justin for about 2 years now. My kids love learning with him. Justin has taught my children piano, singing, ukalele, harmonica, flute and saxophone! He is a very talented musician and has experience with many instruments as well as writing music. He is extremely patient & kind with kids. My goal has been to keep the experience balanced with education and fun...I simply want them to enjoy music and to experiment with it.  For me, Justin has been perfect at keeping that balance and is a true joy to work with!" - Marie G

"Searching for a music teacher was a bit of an ordeal before I found Justin Janer's website.  I was looking for a teacher who was unpretentious, affordable, and a jazz musician.  Justin pretty much fits the bill.  Prior to my first lesson, Justin was very helpful in recommending how and where to acquire my saxophone for the best price.  My first lesson was at his home studio, in a bright and welcoming space.  He is very encouraging and patient, especially when I was outside of my comfort zone trying to blow into a saxophone for the first time.  I am looking forward to my future lessons with Justin." - Iris C

"Justin has been great teaching my son piano.  He is very patient with him while pushing him at the same time, great combination.  I would highly recommend Justin as a music teacher.  His love of music is evident and his demeanor is perfect." - Julie C

"Justin has been teaching my 11 year-old son for several years. Justin is an excellent teacher, and my son always looks forward to piano class, which is amazing! Justin's love of music, and desire for kids to love and care about music really shows. He makes class interesting and fun, and has a great ability to be flexible with kids; he's firm when needed and also ensures that the class is enjoyable (my son loves when he brings other instruments to 'jam' together). I think it's important that kids get exposed to a variety of music, which also keeps them engaged in playing the piano. Overall-Justin is a fantastic teacher!" - Laurie W

"We are so grateful to have found Justin. He is such a wonderful teacher! He is patient and kind and makes the lesson fun!! He is so talented, I love that he is always introducing my daughter to different instruments he brings to play with her!! Justin really is the best!!!" - Ingrid L

"Justin has been the music teacher for our very active twin boys (9 yrs) for the past 3 years now. We were looking for a "music" teacher who can instill a life long love for music in a fun environment rather than trying to master one specific instrument through repetitive practices. We are glad we've found Justin. We started with piano but are looking forward to venturing into other instruments as they get older. Justin is patient and good with kids - knows how to keep their attention and make it fun for the boys (we started with 30 min but now doing 1 hr). Instead of focusing on technical mastery, Justin understands that at this age for our active boys the focus should be on overall understanding and enjoyment of music. I especially like the fact that Justin encourages creativity and improvising as part of their regular learning. In overall, our boys always look forward to teacher Justin's visit. We don't have to pull their teeth to practice during the week. One more thing, Justin is very accommodating with our very busy and often unpredictable schedules. Give him a try if you are looking for a patient, enjoyable, and accommodating music teacher." - Peter B

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