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Justin Janer Music Lessons

Justin Janer makes learning music fun!  His experience as a professional performer, classroom teacher, and developer of non-traditional music methods sets him apart from other teachers.  His love of music inspires and engages students to thrive while learning how to truly express themselves through music.  

He offers fun one-on-one lessons, creating direct relationships with students and families in order to develop a customized non-traditional education model designed to meet and exceed every student's unique goals. Students learn great sounding music from their very first lesson in many styles such as classical, jazz, blues, contemporary, pop music, and more!       


Justin Janer is an award-winning professional musician and has earned his Master's Degree from Manhattan School of Music in New York City.  Music lessons in Mountain House, CAPiano Lessons - Guitar Lessons - Saxophone Lessons - Flute Lessons - Clarinet Lessons.



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