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SR Technologies Saxophone Mouthpiece

Today while cleaning my garage closet where I keep all my older music gear I uncovered something special! I found my first upgraded alto saxophone mouthpiece. This is really a cool piece. My first teacher pointed me toward this new company called SR Technologies. They make great mouthpieces in all kinds of futuristic materials. The one I had used to play was clear! I remember that once I went to try a bunch of these mouthpieces with my college teacher and he told me to go to this eye doctors office in the Valley! Turns out that the guy that makes them is also an optometrist. I'll never forget how my teacher forgot his saxophone neck at home and wasn't able to play any mouthpieces that day haha. So there we were, checking out these cool mouthpieces and squishing ourselves into an optometry room with lots of those machines that check your vision, you know the circles and lenses that they swap out in from of your face. Anyway, I found a great mouthpiece that day and even played it on my 2008 record "Following Signs". I'm excited to play this mouthpiece again and see how it compares to what I've been playing for the past few years.

SR Technologies L-85 Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

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