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Protec Max Flute Case Review

I just got a new flute case because my original case that came with my instrument was completely worn out. I have been playing the same Yamaha 221 made in Japan for over 15 years and finally decided to replace the original case that the instrument came with. It was missing a handle, the fabric was completely torn inside, and my flute was no longer protected. The hinges were busted too! I decided to purchase a Protec Max Flute Case and honestly have pretty mixed reviews about it.

First, the pockets are huge. I don't really carry more than a pencil in my Cavallaro flute cover to begin with, so I just find that this makes the Protec case too bulky.

Second, I prefer a latch over a zipper. I don't feel that my instrument is as safe with zippered connection. Also, if the zipper gets stuck my flute might not be accessible.

Third, there are too many handles and the strap is bulky. This gives it a big chance of getting snagged on a music stand or other equipment while taking the instrument out of my car.

On the plus is extremely lightweight. This would be a good case for a student, but as a professional woodwind player it does not meet my expectations.

Bottom line - If you want to learn how to play flute, you need a really good case

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