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Bad Weather and Reeds

Have you ever noticed that your reeds don't play the same when the weather changes? Here in southern California it is about to rain and I can definitely feel how the weather effects my reeds! The extra humidity in the air can make your reeds play stuffy and weak. The tips of reeds become wavy and brittle and don't create a good seal on the tip of the mouthpiece. Don't throw away those water-logged reeds though, they should bounce back just fine after the weather gets nice again! Here is a tip for restrengthening your reeds. You can place the reed on the table of the mouthpiece perpendicular to the normal placement and then press down on the front portion of reed. By doing this, you are in essence squishing the pores of the reed closed. This helps to create a normal shape and will make the reed seal properly so that it vibrates the way it is supposed to. Give it a try! I am currently play Vandoren Java Jazz Alto and Tenor reeds #3

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