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Saxophone Lessons

Justin Janer provides lessons for alto and tenor saxophone.  The saxophone is a wonderful instrument used for jazz, rock and roll, and even classical music.  A private instructor is important for developing saxophone students because there are many details that need to be carefully discussed with students in order for them to play beautifully.  Reed positioning, instrument care, posture, reading notation, soloing, improvisation, transcribing music, and playing developmental scales and arpeggios are all concepts that are covered in private music lessons with Justin.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best age to start learning saxophone?

Any time is a great time to start music lessons, but I recommend age 8 because at that point the student is able to take on the responsibility of regular practice and will be able to progress at a steady pace.  Also with saxophone, it can take a bit of endurance to develop embouchure muscles necessary to produce a clear sound with the mouthpiece

How much do saxophone lessons cost?

The price depends on you location and availability.  
Please contact us me for rates

Does Big Wave Music School provide rental instruments?

No I do not provide rental instruments, but I can help you find the perfect instrument for yourself or a child

What is a reed?  What size reed do I need?

A reed is a small piece of wood that attaches to the mouthpiece of a saxophone and produces the sound.  I recommend Vandoren Java 2 1/2 reeds for either alto or tenor saxophones

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