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Piano & Keyboard Lessons

Unlike traditional music lessons, Justin Janer offers piano and keyboard lessons that are based on playing beautiful sounding songs right from the start.  Students learn the importance of posture, technique, reading, accompaniment, rhythm, and more.  Justin puts a strong emphasis on learning popular music as well.  Students learn classical, jazz, blues, rock and roll, pop music, and more.  He always cater towards learning songs that the students want to learn as opposed to following a strict curriculum set forth by a particular method of approach

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best age to start piano or keyboard?

Any time is a great time to start music lessons, I recommend age six because at that point the student is able to take on the responsibility of regular practice and will be able to progress at a steady pace

How much do piano or keyboard lessons cost?

The price depends on you location and availability.  
Please contact me for rates

Do I need to have my own piano or keyboard to start lessons?

Not at all.  I can help you find the perfect 
instrument for your needs

What is the piano or keyboard pedal for?

A piano has three pedals.  The left is the soft pedal, the middle is the sostenuto pedal, and the one on the right is the sustain pedal.  If you have a keyboard it is important to have one sustain pedal that plugs into your instrument

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