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Guitar Lessons

Justin provides lessons for acoustic and electric guitar and cover everything from strumming along with your favorite folk songs to jamming out to your favorite ripping solos.  Students learn the fundamentals of great guitar playing such as tuning, picking, posture, sound clarity, and even learn how to use pedals to augment their sound

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best age to start learning guitar?

Any time is a great time to start music lessons, but I recommend age 8 because at that point the student is able to take on the responsibility of regular practice and will be able to progress at a steady pace.  Also with guitar playing, it can take a bit of endurance to develop callouses on the fingertips necessary to make a clear sound with the strings

How much do guitar lessons cost?

The price depends on you location and availability.  
Please contact me for rates

Do I need to have my own guitar to begin lessons?

Not at all.  I can help you find the perfect 
instrument for your needs

Do I need to buy an amp?

An amp or "amplifier" is necessary for playing electric guitar and not needed for acoustic guitar playing.  Students do not need a large amp, so something small would be perfect  

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