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Clarinet Lessons

Learn how to play clarinet with Justin Janer.  Lessons cover the importance of generating a high quality tone, reading classical excerpts, preparing for orchestra or marching band, and so much more.  The clarinet is a versatile and beautiful instrument

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best age to begin clarinet lessons?

Any time is a great time to start music lessons, but I recommend age 8 because at that point the student is able to take on the responsibility of regular practice and will be able to progress at a steady pace.  Also with clarinet, it can take a bit of endurance to develop a strong embouchure needed to play for long periods of time

How much do clarinet lessons cost?

The price depends on you location and availability.  
Please contact me for rates

Do I need to have my own clarinet to begin lessons?

Not at all.  I can help you find the perfect instrument for you!

What size clarinet reed do I need?

I recommend a Vandoren blue box size 2 1/2 clarinet reed

Is the clarinet hard to play?

Each instrument has its own unique challenges, but clarinet can be very difficult if you do not have a good private instructor

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